The Energy Worker: Maryam Hasnaa

by Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah

What does home mean to you?

To me home is a frequency and it’s the frequency of when i’m at home with myself and so in that way home can be any physical place if I am attuned and aligned with myself, I can travel and still find myself through synchronicities for example meeting people who feel like home or staying places that feel like home.

What word captures the essence of your home?


How does your home space inspire the work you do?

I experience my home as an extension of my energy field so I can feel that reciprocal relationship of my home providing me the structure and stability for my creativity energy to flow and expand and experience myself in different forms. Whether it's the food I make or aesthetics I arrange in a room, it's the outward form of my inner world. I get to share that with others and through my work I do the same thing. People get to experience my energy, home frequency and energy signature in the things I create and offer. I get to create that feeling when I hold space and create containers, the feeling people feel of belonging and safety and that’s how my home feels.

What part of your living space makes you feel most at home?

My garden and my plant room. Through the work there I get to feel my connection with nature. It feels like I am in the forest but I am still physically at my house. It's the same quality of being immersed in nature but i don’t have to go anywhere.

How does your home reflect your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors?

My home is a mirror of me. When I feel chaotic I notice my home start to feel chaotic. If my energy is all over the place, I can work with my house and change things, get rid of things, clean things and then I feel a shift in my energy field. It makes all of the difference because I am attuned and my home is a reflection of me.

What at-home practices do you lean into to tend to your racial wellbeing?

Meditation, self care, altar work, ceremony and rituals. Energy healing every day throughout the day. My lifestyle is perfectly woven in with my practice of being a medicine person. 


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Maryam's current offerings: Garden of the Beloved and  Etheric Gardening Course