The Rage Doctor: Dr.Jennifer Mullan

by Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah

What does home mean to you?

Home for me is the protective shell of self love, nurturance and presence that I carry. (hello I am a Cancer Sun :)  They are the boundaries I place on wants and needs I cannot and will not provide to others. Home is when I re-parent myself and give myself what little me needed. Home is the ocean.  Home are people who allow me to just FEEL, and BE. Home is a place, space and energy of presence and joy.  Home is what allows me to feel safe and nurtured and loved.  I think as a Black cis woman living in the States- Home HAD to become something I find, bring with me, and innately have- because of the effects of colonization. When a people are removed from Home- we spend so many years figuring out what Home is. For now it is within me, and what I place around me. 

What word captures the essence of your home?


How does your home space inspire the work you do?

My Home space is everything..I moved out of my former apartment because I outgrew it- some folks think that is absurd, since my current place is "smaller" physically and more expensive monthly. I think this makes perfect sense. I look out at clouds now. I see the City in the distance. I take in sun or rain daily. I can walk out multiple times a day to a terrace that nurtures and gathers me- as well as allows me to release stagnant energies from calls or sessions. I sold or gave away most of my prior items, and now this phase and stage of my Home is a better reflection of me, who I am becoming, and the small unapologetic luxuries (like an upgraded cat bed for my Isis) that make me smile in appreciation when I see them. My Home inspires me to write and to feel sensual, confident and ready to step into the next phase of who I am. 

What part of your living space makes you feel most at home?

My living room/ office space. It is curated exactly as I desired. The colors are soothing. Neutral palette that allows me to feel emotionally cleansed. As a psychologist "cleansing" emotionally & energetically is essential to my balance and flow. I have candles, and terra cotta is my color and theme these days.  So every pillow, candle, book, throw, lamp, incense holder feels  and brings me DEEP JOY. I used to keep everything, just to keep it and because I felt an attachment to it. Now I see the value in honoring and giving value to items that bring me alive. It affects my mood.  

How does your home reflect your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors?

My Home reflects the energetic transformation I have gone through over the past few years. It reflects the behaviors and beliefs that morning and evening rituals (i.e opening the blinds, making the bed, cleaning the cat litter, playing high vibrational HZ sounds or music creates how I want to feel; even if I ain't feeling the day aheads. My Home SHIFTS my perspective day in and day out.  I love being here. I love straightening up. I think Little Jenn would be so impressed and floored by Adult Jenn's taste, preference, style, and boldness.  

What at-home practices do you lean into to tend to your racial wellbeing?

Relearning rest. Renegotiating rest. Spending time outside (even when city little me wants to scream "eww bugs!"). I tend to community, invite friends over. Make dinners and cookouts for folks. I/ we take up space in a building that is very White in energy and faces.  I also lean into ensuring I am blasting music and letting myself dance. Whether 90s hip hop and rap, emo-alternative 90s, bachata, merengue, salsa, or some Marvin Gaye. I ensure that my Ancestors and I feel at home here. I consistently tend to honor the spirits and people of this Land that I am a guest on.  I leave offerings, and also energetically take care of this land.  I also consistently honor the original land stewards: the Lenape, and have been in conversation and community with, and honor the labor of the enslaved Africans and Chinese who built much of these railways, buildings and systems.  I also honor so many undocumented folks of Mexican descent who are in the kitchens and on the roofs of the builds and restaurants around me. I believe we can never set too many intentions or honor too many folks. I think it is all sacred.  The more I step into the sacred daily; the more present I am and the more of a clear channel of love and justice I can be. 

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